WordPress Development

The CMS with multiple uses and faces

We have been working on WordPress for more than a decade. We know it is a great CMS, constantly up-to-date and compliant with the latest web standards, SEO-friendly, and most of all, plenty of customisation possibilities. That’s why we always recommend it to our clients for the majority of their projects: it’s versatile, and it’s cheaper than bespoke solutions. In spite of being originally released as a blogging platform, WordPress is actually used for the a lot of purposes: news websites, corporate, e-commerce, and event forums and social networks.
Thanks to the work of the community built around this project, new features and improvements happen daily, and there is such a variety of choice, that you may lose yourself.
After more than 10 years of tweaks and customisations, we can claim ourselves true WordPress experts, and we can help you with your WordPress project at a pretty cheap figure.

At Wiredmark, we never say “it can’t be done”. We just do it.

What can WordPress Development involve?


Not all things can be done with a plug-in. However, our expertise and knowledge of programming languages will take you further.


We can integrate WordPress with external scripts and web applications, allowing you to offer more services on your website.


A unique layout, with unique graphics, menus, and functionalities won’t be a problem, even though WordPress is a standard CMS.

Theme Development

WordPress has got thousands of themes, but what if you don’t like any of them? We can create a bespoke theme for your website.


Your visitors may land on your website from any device, so it is critical that it is visible and usable from all of them.

Plug-in Development

WordPress can extend its functionalities to an unknown limit with its plug-ins, but if you can’t find the right one, we will develop it for you.


Would you like to create your new website with WordPress? We can do it for you with amazing themes and functionalities.


Install WooCommerce and use your WordPress website to sell goods. We will take care of it, from layout to payments.


Originally, WordPress was a blogging CMS, so if you want to open a blog, it’s the best. We will help you with design and content.

A few more details

What is it about?

WordPress is so versatile you can do almost everything with it! Thanks to its amazing plug-ins, we can adapt this CMS to diverse purposes. However, we cannot discuss all of them, so we will just highlight the most popular ideas:

Wiredmark is formed by professionals who have been working in this field for over ten years.


Altough WordPress is a blogging platform, the whole blog part can be hidden, and you can choose to show just the static pages to create a corporate website. With a nice theme and some appropriate tweaks, even those few pages can become a beautiful website.

However, some may ask: why should you use WordPress for a few pages instead of developing them from scratch exactly how you want them, without any limits on your style and creativity?

Well, there are a few reasons:

  • Creating a website from scartch takes time, and more time means more money. Of course, the code would be clean and the design unique, but it is an expensive solution, and not everyone has got that budget. We strive to offer our services to everyone, regardless of the budget, and WordPress is cheaper than other solutions.
  • There are thousands of WordPress themes online, and some of them have got tons of customisation options, with nice perks for developers and dynamic elements. There is actually a lot of space left to creativity, and you won’t feel any limits at all.
  • WordPress is a CMS, which means it comes with an administration panel. Many clients, in fact, want to manage their own website by themselves, change the content, or upload a new logo, maybe update their portfolio. WordPress makes it easy even for beginners.

If you want to sell at least one or more products or services on your website, then it must be an e-commerce.

More and more businesses are turning their corporate website into an e-commerce, given the trend of the recent years, with people buying almost everything on the internet, including daily groceries.

However, turning a website into an e-commerce, can be a challenging task, even for veterans of web development, unless you have a WordPress website. In fact, WordPress can become an e-commerce simply installing the plug-in WooCommerce.

Obviously, you still need a professional to set up any static pages, checkout rules, payment methods, taxes, shipment, eventual limits, and many other things you might need, but this step will cost you less than expected, and it will be easy to use and manage.

On top of that, you should know that WooCommerce, in turn, has got plug-ins that can be installed on WordPress and expand its features. We will make sure there are no compatibility issues, and that everything runs smoothly.

Examples of functions that can be implemented on WooCommerce are:

  • Paypal payments: you will be able to receive payments via Paypal;
  • Stripe: you will be able to receive card payments processed by Stripe;
  • Sage: you will be able to receive card payments processed by Sage;
  • Files upload: users can upload files during checkout, which can be useful if you need you users to upload documents;
  • PDF invoices download system;
  • Exit intent detector;
  • More and more features!

Ask us for further information.


After more than 20 years, blogs are still one of the best tools for communication online, and after e-mails, they are likely the oldest. The word blog is a corruption of web log, which basically means it is a diary on the internet. At the very beginning, blogs were nothing more than a diary, where people would share their experiences on a certain topic, that would often be a hobby, or a job.

On a second stage, blogs became a way to share not only experiences, but also suggestions, tutorials, opinions, and much more. When other people started to interact with the authors thanks to comments, we quickly got to the point where blogs became the best way to share our knowledge, and it was due to blogging platforms like WordPress.

Looking at blogging from a marketing perspective, they are also an important piece in any marketing strategy. Are you a business owner? Opening a blog, sharing your knowledge, giving information to users who look for them, could be your best winning move ever: you will attract visitors, and occasional visitors can become regular visitors, and regulars can become potential customers.

WordPress allows you to open a blog in a few simple steps. We can take care of all the rest: from the design to the editorial calendar and the actual writing.

How much does it cost?

Giving an exact price to WordPress Development services is very difficult for a professional agency, especially if it’s about bespoke services tailored just for specific customers and never seen anywhere else, even though WordPress makes everything cheaper than solutions from scratch.

Designing and developing a website with WordPress is a task that could be achieved for as low as £500 for something that is very basic and essential, just so that you can have a starting presence to improve over time, and it can easily reach £15000-£20000 for bespoke solutions with an almost-guaranteed high conversion and engagement rate or custom functions.

The point is: don’t be afraid to ask for a quotation, especially from Wiredmark, because only an experienced team will be able to suggest you what is the best and most cost-effective way to achieve what you want and help you understand what is the best process to undertake to develop your idea.

Our quotations are free of charge and include a preliminary, free consultation session with an experienced member of our team that will assist you in understanding if Wiredmark can be the right company to suit your needs.

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