WordPress Development

The CMS with multiple uses and faces

We have been working on WordPress for more than a decade. We know it is a great CMS, constantly up-to-date and compliant with the latest web standards, SEO-friendly, and most of all, plenty of customisation possibilities. That’s why we always recommend it to our clients for the majority of their projects: it’s versatile, and it’s cheaper than bespoke solutions. In spite of being originally released as a blogging platform, WordPress is actually used for the a lot of purposes: news websites, corporate, e-commerce, and event forums and social networks.
Thanks to the work of the community built around this project, new features and improvements happen daily, and there is such a variety of choice, that you may lose yourself.
After more than 10 years of tweaks and customisations, we can claim ourselves true WordPress experts, and we can help you with your WordPress project at a pretty cheap figure.

At Wiredmark, we never say “it can’t be done”. We just do it.

What can WordPress Development involve?


Not all things can be done with a plug-in. However, our expertise and knowledge of programming languages will take you further.


We can integrate WordPress with external scripts and web applications, allowing you to offer more services on your website.


A unique layout, with unique graphics, menus, and functionalities won’t be a problem, even though WordPress is a standard CMS.

Theme Development

WordPress has got thousands of themes, but what if you don’t like any of them? We can create a bespoke theme for your website.


Your visitors may land on your website from any device, so it is critical that it is visible and usable from all of them.

Plug-in Development

WordPress can extend its functionalities to an unknown limit with its plug-ins, but if you can’t find the right one, we will develop it for you.


Would you like to create your new website with WordPress? We can do it for you with amazing themes and functionalities.


Install WooCommerce and use your WordPress website to sell goods. We will take care of it, from layout to payments.


Originally, WordPress was a blogging CMS, so if you want to open a blog, it’s the best. We will help you with design and content.

A few more details

WordPress is so versatile you can do almost everything with it! Thanks to its amazing plug-ins, we can adapt this CMS to diverse purposes. However, we cannot discuss all of them, so we will just highlight the most popular ideas:

Wiredmark is formed by professionals who have been working in this field for over ten years.

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