Action Aid




Consulting, Web Development


3 months


AlteraWide, a content agency based in Rome, was working with ActionAid, an international nonprofit organisation, to tell the stories of the people involved in the devastating earthquake in Italy in 2016.

They were shooting their videos in 360 degrees, and therefore, needed to develop a landing page that was just as dynamic.


This was a simple gig for Wiredmark, except for one thing: AlteraWide needed a section of the landing page that users could navigate just like a 360 video. And they needed it fast, in just a few days.

The user experience had to be flawless, especially from mobile, and possibly make use of a phone’s accelerometer.

The background of this section had to shake hearts — a panoramic photo of the desolation left by the earthquake.


There wasn’t enough time and we knew it. But we had the designs and we knew what to do.

We developed a landing page using WordPress with a visual builder — Impreza — and by adapting it to AlteraWide’s designs. Then, we integrated the code for the 360 section inside of a Child Theme.

The final result was dynamic, in line with the designs, and most importantly, delivered quickly. When time is of the essence, we always find a way to get things done.


We are proud to say that this little page has been published on several Italian websites, such as Action Aid, Wired Italia, Ansa and Today.it.

It helped Action Aid to raise awareness about the consequences of this disastrous earthquake, and most importantly, donations.