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Telling stories of resilience with an original approach.

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Together with the agency Alterawide, we gave a voice to all the people in central Italy hit by the earthquake that changed their lives.


30 days


Web Development

Action Aid, one of the most popular charities in Europe, wanted to tell the stories of the Italians hit by the earthquake in 2016.

The goal of the campaign was raising some awareness on the emergency in order to increase donations. The initiative was supported by the magazine Wired in Italy and our work was published on their website.

Like a red wire connecting us all, we made the red wire of Action Aid connect people.

There are people who had lost everything but their hope in the earthquake. We wanted to give their stories the space they deserved. We did it with interactive 360° images that can be viewed with any mobile phone with a gyroscope.

We let people tell their stories of resilience.

The earthquake changed the lives of a lot of people. Their courage and their resilience have not gone unnoticed. Their stories were presented in an original and creative manner, which gave them a powerful meaning: we are all connected, solidarity is our wire.

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