Coding Over The Usual.

Wiredmark is a team of IT passionate people supporting things that can make our lives better and easier.

What we offer.

Web Design & Development

We drive our customers to develop their ideas and make them become true through modern web technologies.

System Administration

We tune up your servers in order to deliver maximum performance, security and stability with minimum effort from your side.

Web Hosting

We deliver top-notch hosting services based in the UK for your websites, with guaranteed uptime and user control panel.

Security Monitoring

Security is one of our top priorities and we make sure your properties fully comply with modern standard against threats on the web.

UX Design

Improve the user experience and maximize interactions on your websites thanks to our UX Design consulting services.

Premium Customer Helpdesk

Our clients acknowledge that we have the best customer service ever seen in any company running an online business.

Why choose us.

Our mission.

Here at wiredmark, we aim to make the difference by being side by side with our customers during the decisional and operating process.

After over 8 years providing hundreds of online services, we acknowledged that many companies in our field just lose the burning fire that drives our profession over time, becoming a mere production line. When the game gets harder, they simply walk away.

Our mission is totally customer-centric: to us, forging a relationship between the parts is essential to reach an higher plan that can bring the best results for both sides – the client and the service provider – on the short and long run.

How we work.

Wiredmark has been working with over 200 companies from many different countries in the world. We join the efforts and the passion of many professionals all over the world to achieve results otherwise impossible.

Our goal is to ensure you an hassle-free and stress-free experience, while you can relax as your business is in the hands of a company that really cares about your future.

The pluriannual experience in every field of the world wide web makes Wiredmark the best company to choose whatever you plan to do online, today and tomorrow.

Clients and special projects we worked on.

Where to find us.

1 Dukes Ave, Chiswick, W4 2AB, London, UK.


We are looking forward to meeting you in our offices.

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