We empower brands in the online galaxy.

We are a web marketing & development company based in the UK that conceives digital strategies to launch and strengthen the business presence online.

A journey, rather than a service.

Our winning formula: clear communication, skills and common sense.

Some agencies develop websites but forget about user experience; others deal well with design, but forget about technical optimisation and scalability; eventually, others offer a wide range of development services but forget about user experience and design. It’s a circle. Wiredmark closes it by becoming your only North Star. Someone you can really count on in this infinite constellation of informations called World Wide Web.

Digital Strategy
We offer a dedicated team that will answer all your questions and guide you through the best way possible to fulfil your project online.

Web Design & Development
We drive people to develop their ideas and give them a shape through modern web technologies.

System Administration & Web Hosting
We tune servers up in order to deliver maximum performance, security and stability with minimum effort on the client’s side.

UX/UI Design
We improve the user experience and maximise interactions on your websites thanks to our UX/UI Design knowledge.

Premium Customer Helpdesk
We have the most reliable customer service ever. You’ll always know what we are doing, how we are doing it and why we are doing it.

Search Engine Optimisation
We build your online presence in order to be found on search engines and follow the evolution of your brand online.

Business Advertising
We can help promote your business online the right way, by evolving the strategy over time and maximising the results.

Social Media Management
People communicate online in a different way than they do offline. We can setup the right communication strategy for your brand.

Increase sales and be recognised with creativity and quality content. On the internet, content is king. Copywriters make kings.

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If you have something in mind, we can make it real online. Our modus operandi is based on putting our clients’ needs on the top of our priorities and guaranteeing a fast and crystal clear communication at all times. We can offer Web Design services, Search Engine Optimisation, business advertising and much more: have a look at our Services page.

For these reasons, we love to say that we do not just offer a service, but a journey instead: in every person and company we see the chance of walking on the same path together, a path that leads to growth and success.

We believe this vision is what makes us different from other web agencies, as we truly make sure our clients get the maximum benefit from their presence on the internet. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.