Brunello Cucinelli

This is a private project and is not available to the public. Only non-sensitive details are shared on this page.




Consulting, UX/UI Design, Web Development


90 days


Brunello Cucinelli is a well known Italian fashion brand with stores in Europe, USA and Asia, with a very strong human-centric work philosophy.

Because they have so many stores, they needed a proprietary cloud storage system to easily share policy documentation and files, while ensuring every employee is always on the same page.

We partnered with Quindo, an Italian SEO agency, to build for Brunello Cucinelli the centralised online platform they needed.


Brunello Cucinelli was looking for a platform that was easily usable by any member of their team. Therefore, we needed to ensure that the User Interface was sleek and intuitive, and that it respected the company’s branding guidelines.

Also, it had to be extremely fast, with almost instantaneous page loading times, and had to provide decision-makers with a wide range of reporting tools to keep track of opening, clicks, and attachment downloads.


We built a highly customised web application with an easy-to-use administration panel.

Managers can now upload documentation and files, and choose which store to share it with based on their needs. There’s an internal email notification system, so that when a new policy is created, all involved parties are immediately informed.

They also have access to anonymised data about openings, clicks and downloads, in the form of data tables and dynamic charts.


The Brunello Cucinelli management now has access to an intuitive and mobile-friendly platform where they can keep track of their policies wherever they are.

Meanwhile, instead of relying on paper communications or emails, the company employees can now count on a digitalised Help Center that simplifies the key steps of their work.