L'Altra Riabilitazione

Improving the presence of Italy’s leading physiotherapy online business.

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A long-time collaboration with an Italian brand that led us to work on multiple projects and obtain great results.




Advertising, Blog Management, Consulting, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Web Development

L’Altra Riabilitazione is a national leading physiotherapy practice based in Italy in search of an agency to work on its digital marketing.

The client chose Wiredmark as their partner because of our multifarious expertise. We have been working for a long time now, giving a significant contribution to the growth of the business.

From a new website to compelling articles and engaging advertising on social media.

The launch of a new, modern website, supported by a solid infrastructure was the first step on which we based the whole digital strategy of the brand. We also crafted some SEO-oriented articles for their blog that have been used as a source of traffic for their rehab courses. Furthermore, we took care of local advertising on Facebook, delivering new clients to the business.

Our journey together

Initially, the collaboration was of mere technical support on the websiteand its blog. However, our client was aware of the growth potential of the company and the role of the website as the core of their digital activities.

First of all, we worked on performance improvements in
terms of loading speed by migrating the website to a VPS,
configured by our system administrator and specifically
optimised for the load of our client’s website.

After that, we carried out a restyling of the whole website by applying some tweaks to foster SEO rankings, and UX design, in order to improve the user journey.

Starting from the same CMS, WordPress, we used a new theme and customised it to obtain a unique front-end, original and user-friendly. This way we got a triple advantage: visits increased, dwelling time increased, conversions increased.

In order to make the user experience more interactive, we developed a WordPress plug-in upon client’s request to create some questionnaires with a score system that would show different responses according to the score obtained.

Answering the questions, the user could effectively describe and understand their symptoms and get advice and work out exercises, too.

+15 Mln

New users

+20 Mln

New Sessions




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