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Studio Lunghi is a building surveyor firm helping house owners in Italy to obtain the necessary permits to refurbish their homes - the CILA (“Comunicazione di Inizio Lavori Asseverata”).

The firm was looking for a reliable and result-oriented agency to run their lead generation campaigns on Google Ads.


This is a highly competitive niche market in Italy - so we had to come up with a well thought out digital strategy to avoid our client any ​​unnecessary waste of money.

But we also had to make sure that our client was part of the strategy development process, because we needed guidance to understand the technicalities of his work, and any past in-house experiments he ran on the Google Ads platform.

Luckily, Studio Lunghi’s CEO, Michele, was more than up for the task.

Our path to success

Here’s what we did to come up with a successful advertising strategy

Customer questionnaire

To make sure we knew everything about the client’s business.

Keywords analysis

To explore the search volumes and search intent of our target.

Google account audit

To analyse our customer’s past experiments.

Competitor analysis

To understand how we could do better than them.

Our Digital Strategy took into account factors such as the advantages of our client’s business model, potential pain points, hot words or the most effective visuals we could use in our campaigns.


After a few team brainstorming sessions, we designed a brand new landing page for the firm, with very compelling content. We built it while keeping in mind any kind of friction that could drive visitors away.

We launched our first Google campaign as an A/B test between two different conversion methods: a landing page and a Calendly form, so that users could book themselves in directly on Studio Lunghi’s appointment calendar.

The experiment immediately led to a CPL (Cost per Lead) up to 30% lower than our target, and any time our campaigns started losing performance over the months, we immediately acted either with bidding optimisations on keywords and locations, or by letting Google algorithm work its magic (when it made sense to).

This allowed us to always be in line with our KPIs, and have a lower CPL than our target (25% based on past aggregated data).


Studio Lunghi now enjoys an evergreen lead generation channel for his business, which is also perfectly integrated into their CRM software (Pipedrive). In fact, everything they have to do is to sit back, relax, and wait for new prospects to show up on their sales pipeline.

At the time of writing, Studio Lunghi has achieved 10x ROI (Return on Investment) and 7x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).