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From 0 to over 4k unique visitors/month with just a blog and good SEO.

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Sagitter Training operates in a small business niche, but offers a complete solution to multiple specific needs. This is the potential we expressed with our SEO strategy.


60 days


Blog Management, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Web Development

Sagitter Training is an educational tourism agency. Their team take care of organising the perfect work or study experience abroad for students all around Europe.

They wanted to reach more people through the internet, positioning themselves as a benchmark in the industry. Because they wanted to obtain this result on the long run, we proposed an SEO strategy that revolved around a blog and a new brand identity.

We modernised their logo

A new, modern version of their logo was one of the steps to redefine their brand identity: it recalls the old shapes in order to communicate continuity with what the brand had achieved in the years.

We made some changes to their business branding

Vivid colours, professional look & feel, soft but firm fonts. These are the parametres of the new Sagitter Training.

SEO-ready website, designed with a virtuoso touch and focus on the user experience.

We wanted to make something outstanding for this brand, because we knew that in a small and competitive niche like educational tourism, you must stand out from the crowd to succeed.

Better user experience

The new design is not only unique, but also UX-oriented: the navigation experience and the architecture of the website were conceived with great attention to details.

The story of a success.

The collaboration with Sagitter Training has now been going on for a few years, and when we first worked on the website we noticed that there was some potential, even though the niche was very small and there were days when Google Analytics reported 0 views.

At first, we worked on on-site and on-page ranking factors,
defining the website architecture, implementing headlines with the right hierarchy and a sitemap to make search engine crawlers’ scanning job easier, then we created a new area for the corporate blog and made an editorial calendar in compliance with the keyword research we had done in the first place, for which we wanted the website to rank.

After a few months in which we could not rank any content, we carried out a deep UX design analysis that revealed some issues that were impinging the ranking and usability.

Therefore, we agreed with the client to design, develop and create a brand-new website, keeping the original structure based on WordPress.

The design of the website was very innovative for that time,
with lively curves and strong colours.

At the same time, thanks to our client’s partnerships, we worked on link building and wrote new articles on the blog, which quickly reached the top page on Google.

In a few months, visitors increased gradually, but constantly, up to 4,000 visitors per month around the end of 2019.

In the early months of 2020 ranking improved even further
after Google updates, and traffic increased even more, but had a down after the beginning of the pandemic.


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