Sagitter Training


United Kingdom


Blog Management, SEO, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Web Development


90 days


Sagitter Training is a UK-based educational tourism agency. Their team takes care of organising the perfect work or study experience abroad for students all around Europe.

They wanted to reach more people through the internet, positioning themselves as a benchmark in the industry and attracting even more students.


We faced two big challenges in this project.

The first was that Sagitter Training’s old website was not up to standards, with most of its content outdated.

The second, perhaps the hardest to overcome, was that Sagitter Training’s target audience were the students, but the decision-makers for their experiences abroad were teachers and schools.

old-new-logo (1)

We wanted to make something outstanding for this brand, because we knew that in a small and competitive niche like educational tourism, you must stand out from the crowd to succeed.

We proposed an SEO strategy that revolved around a blog and a new brand identity. We completely redesigned their website and its Customer Journey. Then, we started regularly publishing highly targeted posts, each of them the result of an in-depth SEO analysis.

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In a few months, visitors increased gradually, but constantly.

Sagitter Training now enjoys an average of 4,000 unique visitors per month, with peaks of over 7,000, without spending a single penny in advertising.

Their website now attracts students, teachers and institutions alike, and has become one of the most important assets for their business.