Toyota Malta




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A few years ago, Toyota Malta had a website that didn’t reflect the values of the brand anymore.

They wanted to redesign it from the ground up - and decided to involve world-famous agency TBWA and Wiredmark in the process.

Debono Group, the group behind Toyota Malta, needed to be able to update the content of the website and the specifications of their cars in an easy and accessible way.

They needed a tool that would help their customers find the right car for their needs, while at the same time featuring their other products and services, such as Used Cars or Toyota Flex (Finance).


Every Toyota car is unique, and can differ by grade, wheels, colours, transmission and so on. So, we had to provide a flexible tool to manage all the cars Debono Group sells in Malta, including their dozens of possible combinations.

The main challenge was to build a website that allowed every member of Debono’s team to easily update any information, especially when it came to special events or launches. Long story short, they needed their website to keep up with their marketing.

Furthermore, the new website had to be blazing fast, with minimal loading times.


We delivered a brand-new, highly customised WordPress experience with a bespoke control panel built from the ground up just for Debono Group. This way, we were able to come up with a no-compromise solution, and have no setbacks in terms of performance.

The new website now features 360-degree models of every single car being sold in Malta, inclusive of all possible combinations. There’s also a price calculator, so that the customer can see in real time how the costs change based on his choices.

Furthermore, customers can now filter cars based on their unique needs, or they can access specific ones directly from the instant search bar.

Together with Debono Group’s system administration team, we deployed the new Toyota Malta website on a highly performing dedicated server.


The new Toyota Malta website is now fully compliant with Toyota’s guidelines.

Debono Group have greatly improved their efficiency, and can now have full control of their website without having to involve a developer every time they need to make changes.

They can finally enjoy a flawless User Experience on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, unlike their previous website.

We are proud to still be their go-to provider for anything they need in terms of User Experience, User Interface and Web Development.