Your beautiful, sexy, unique name

A name describes your story, your philosophy, your business, your identity. A name is the first step you take on the stairway of success. That’s why you cannot afford to take it wrong. Your name will be pronounced by thousands, maybe millions of people. Your name will be written on the internet, on TV, on street signs, on labels… how could you just pick a random name? Would you really dare to take this risk?

A name is the first step to success. Take it right.

What can Naming involve?

Domain Registration

The domain name of your project on the internet should be descriptive, unique, and SEO-friendly. Register it with us.


Can a name be subject to marketing decisions? Of course: many product names became famous thanks to their campaigns.


A lot of ideas, concepts, and studying lies behind every name. Before that, there must be a phase in which thoughts just flow.

Tone of Voice

Not only blog posts, advertisements, and landing pages: names, as well, can have a tone of voice.


A name is good when it is supported by a good rational argument. We will explain it to our client in a document.


We analyse the profile of your potential buyers, in order to create a name for your brand that will surely hit the nail on the head.


Does your name sound good? We need to make sure it sounds good to your target, too, wherever they come from.


A name is a set of signs, before everything else. This is an aspect we can’t forget, and we will study its semiotics.

Law Compliance

Your name should be original and different from all others registered, not only for the sake of uniqueness, but also for legal reasons.

A few more details

When launching a business online, the name is something you should take very seriously, because it will define your brand positioning, and could give you some interesting advantages when choosing a domain name. We will balance the attributes and get you a name that suits your goals.

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