Social Media Management

Reach and engage a wider audience

In a world where users are constantly overloaded with informations, you need to catch them while they are swiping up with their thumb on their smartphones. A solid social media strategy is a good start.

Social Media Management means you will have a team of professionals dealing with your corporate fanpages and profiles on social media. They will study your target’s behaviour and interests and will create engaging posts, creating a connection between your brand and its fanbase, which will trigger your brand awareness and sales.

Nowadays, social media are the most powerful communication tool, and not being there is like not existing.

What can Social Media Management involve?

Client Discovery

The process of understanding your business and activity, in order to focus on what’s important the most for you.

Competitors Audit

We analyse the communication strategy of your competitors, then we exploit your strength and their weaknesses.

Editorial Calendar

A powerful tool that empowers you with the choice of what and when you publish. Good for blogs, newsletters, and social media.

Tone of Voice

The way you communicate to your audience must be clear and coherent throughout all your channels. We help you define it.


There are many social networks out there which require different communication. Your brand will look great on all of them!

Constant Updates

A constantly up-to-date fanpage makes your business look up and running, and available to speak and listen to its fans.

User Engagement

The more your users engage with your business online, the more they will be aware of what it is and does.

Audience Analysis

Which content performs best? Which one performs worst? What to focus on and when? We’ll analyse it for you.

Online Advertising

A Social Media Strategy should merge with Online Advertising, in order to maximise reach and ROI. We can do it without any mistakes.

A few more details

We said social media are the most powerful tool in the hands of marketers and companies. They are an opportunity that no business can ignore. However, like all opportunities, social media come with their risks: the risk that you may fail, the risk you can destroy your own reputation in a few seconds, or the risk of getting no return on your investments.

What we do is helping you to catch the opportunities and avoid the risks. We create a connection with your audience and promote your business to those who may be interested. In order to do this, let’s focus on two aspects:

Get in touch

Let's talk about you, about us, about your projects and ideas.

Feel free to get in touch with us with absolutely no commitment: we are more than happy to help you do things the right way on the web. Your ideas have a weight and should not be left to chance. That’s why our professional team is at your disposal seven days a week.

You can talk to us about your project, about something you need to get done on a website, about the web application you need to work better, about technical advices or anything that falls in the online field: we can get there.

Don’t make the mistake of procrastinating by missing the opportunity of a professional confrontation: we have been working on the web for all our lives and we are eager to share our knowledge with you.