Social Media Management

Reach and engage a wider audience

In a world where users are constantly overloaded with informations, you need to catch them while they are swiping up with their thumb on their smartphones. A solid social media strategy is a good start.

Social Media Management means you will have a team of professionals dealing with your corporate fanpages and profiles on social media. They will study your target’s behaviour and interests and will create engaging posts, creating a connection between your brand and its fanbase, which will trigger your brand awareness and sales.

Nowadays, social media are the most powerful communication tool, and not being there is like not existing.

What can Social Media Management involve?

Client Discovery

The process of understanding your business and activity, in order to focus on what’s important the most for you.

Competitors Audit

We analyse the communication strategy of your competitors, then we exploit your strength and their weaknesses.

Editorial Calendar

A powerful tool that empowers you with the choice of what and when you publish. Good for blogs, newsletters, and social media.

Tone of Voice

The way you communicate to your audience must be clear and coherent throughout all your channels. We help you define it.


There are many social networks out there which require different communication. Your brand will look great on all of them!

Constant Updates

A constantly up-to-date fanpage makes your business look up and running, and available to speak and listen to its fans.

User Engagement

The more your users engage with your business online, the more they will be aware of what it is and does.

Audience Analysis

Which content performs best? Which one performs worst? What to focus on and when? We’ll analyse it for you.

Online Advertising

A Social Media Strategy should merge with Online Advertising, in order to maximise reach and ROI. We can do it without any mistakes.

A few more details

What is it about?

We said social media are the most powerful tool in the hands of marketers and companies. They are an opportunity that no business can ignore. However, like all opportunities, social media come with their risks: the risk that you may fail, the risk you can destroy your own reputation in a few seconds, or the risk of getting no return on your investments.

What we do is helping you to catch the opportunities and avoid the risks. We create a connection with your audience and promote your business to those who may be interested. In order to do this, let’s focus on two aspects:


The best way to get a good reputation for your brand is creating a community. Thanks to social media, this is now possible just with a conscious use of the tool and a well-planned marketing strategy.

Brands, just like people, have an identity, and the behaviour of a brand on social media should reflect it. This has a good effect on brand reputation, and encourages people to trust your products and feel good when purchasing them. On the other hand, a bad brand reputation can lead to distrust and losses in sales. So, social media have two functions: they can build a good brand reputation and they can fix a bad one. The stronger the community, the better the reputation.

This is why it is important to communicate to your audience according to a strategy: remember that you are trying to promote a brand on a platform made for people, you have to gain their trust first. Obviously, you cannot rely solely on social media to get a good ROI, but they can be part of a wider strategy, however, we think the relationship with the audience is one of the most thorny aspects of building and positioning a brand.

People struggle to imagine brands as a trademark made by other individuals who dedicate their time to offer products or services, seeing a sort of wall between them and them. Through social media, you can try to tear this wall down, proving that behind your brand there is a group of persons who work together to offer something to their customers, and all together are part of a community.


When it comes to advertising, you know the internet is a great resource. There are so many tools and so many ways to advertise a product that you may be spoilt for choice. Also, advertising on the internet is cheaper than traditional media.

Social media have a role in this: they have a database plenty of users who agreed to share their preferences and thoughts in almost every aspect in their life, notwithstanding the privacy. All the information social media collect on us can be sold to advertisers who are searching for an audience of potential customers, so if you are looking for new ways to intercept your target, know that social media are the most accurate.

However, it is not so simple: social media are not meant to sell goods, but to interact with people, so even though you may find a precise target to whom your products may interest, it doesn’t mean they will be converted to buyers. You have to choose the right kind of advertisement and study all its parts, just like you would do with any other campaign.

Monitoring and checking insights will help you figure out what is working and what is not, and then fix all the weaknesses you find in your strategy, and trust us, metrics on social media can give you a headache in less than three minutes.

Unless you call the right person to take care of it.

Unless you call us.

How much does it cost?

Social media is not something you can do one-off. It requires commitment, cooperation, and a lot of patience. Brand reputation is something to be built on a medium-long term.

However, we understand there also brands that already cover a position in their sector, and only need help to make the greatest campaign of all times.

Whatever the case, we can help. We have no fixed fees, because we know that the resources dedicated are proportionate to the budget allocated to the campaign, so our fee will change accordingly. The minimum, however, is £150 per calendar month.

If you are planning something on the long run, then a bespoke solution is necessary, and the costs can vary between £150 and over £10,000.

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