Web Design & Development

The art of being present online

Web Design and Web Development are the core services at Wiredmark. Thanks to our customer-oriented approach and our proactivity, we can easily bypass any obstacle with spirit of initiative and common sense. We are proud of working with national and international brands. Year after year, we invest in improving our skills and knowledge in this specialisation by contributing to build our private and exclusive company vademecum, joining classrooms, online professional trainings, meetings and so on.

At Wiredmark, we never say “it can’t be done”. We just do it.

What can Web Design & Development involve?

Domain Registrations

To have a website, you need to own a domain first, just like www.example.com. We can take care of that.


A process during which your website or web application structure is thought and planned with the appropriate tools.


A good design should always keep functionalities and user experience into account. We’ll make sure it does.


Coding lets your ideas come true. We’ll do it to make your web application scalable and functional at all times.


Your visitors may land on your website from any device, so it is critical that it is visible and usable from all of them: PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Landing Pages

Specific pages where your visitors are converted to leads or sales. High-conversion Landing Pages deliver maximum results.

Tracking & Monitoring

Analyse where your users come from and what they do on your website, to evolve your strategy over time and get better results.

Web Applications

Complex online applications allowing you to do automatically what you always did manually. Time and money saving.

Law Requirements

All our products are law-compliant and GDPR-proof. It is essential to follow the current regulations if you own a website.

A few more details

What is it about?

Web Design & Web Development is a set of processes involving creativity and technical skills in order to create:

Wiredmark is formed by professionals who have been working in this field for over ten years.


Your website is your business window to the world, and it’s impossible nowadays not to have one or having one that is not effective enough.

Dozens of websites bear online everyday, including those of your competitors, and you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to impress your visitors.

Most of our clients initially think a traditional 5-pages website would do the job, but it actually is just the thin edge of the wedge: a website is an extended digital version of a business card, so think about it like the way you introduce your company to potential customers.

You likely want to tell the story of your company, promote your values, and describe the services you offer, things that require not only a compelling copywriting, but also a good-looking design to catch visitors’ eye and the chance for them to easily reach all those pages. In this sense, imagine your website is a tree: it is important that users can climb on all its branches.

But don’t think about your website as a mere company presentation online, because that’s just half of the potential of a good website: we can develop an e-commerce website, so you could sell your goods online and collect instant payments, or you could publish cool stuff and news on your corporate blog, and have the chance of being in total control of the whole thing with a CMS (Content Management System).

Our team has over 10 years of experience in creating high-conversion websites, that you will be able to use either to retain your customers by offering them a better service or acquire new ones.

The websites we create are wonderfully-looking, easy to use, and they lead your visitors exactly where you want to.

Web Applications

Just like an App, but accessible from every device and browser, Web Applications help our customers to automate operations that were originally supposed to be executed manually.

To make a few examples, your accounting, your email, your file sharing software or many other websites that you visit every day are very likely to be considered Web Applications: Facebook and Twitter are web apps, Netflix is a web app, Dropbox is a web app, and your bank’s website is a web app.

Imagine if you could create one that allows you to save time and money by doing exactly what you need to get done automatically: that’s what we are here for.

We usually develop web apps for businesses, as they are the category that mostly needs to automate procedures and have a certain level of order and organisation when storing and accessing data, but this doesn’t mean that we only work on B2B projects: web applications are complex systems with a lot of functions that can serve many purposes. In fact, we distinguish three kinds of web applications:

  • Internal use web applications: all those apps designed for companies that need to manage high volumes of data with efficient and custom-tailored solutions;
  • User engagement web applications: all those apps designed to offer a service upon subscription. Communities, social networks, on-demand video streaming platforms, and online banking belong to this kind of project;
  • Resaleable web applications: all those apps developed with the purpose of being re-sold to the public.

A good web application starts from the client discovery phase: we carefully listen to them, take note of their needs and what goals they intend to achieve. Once we have all the information, we do one or more brainstorming sessions in order to define the best method to use in that specific case. That’s right, we don’t have standard procedures: we think every client should get the attention they deserve, and it wouldn’t be possible if we took the same course of action every time.

After that, our developers are ready to code. In this phase every part of the code is carefully tested. We take security and compatibility very seriously.

We are constantly in touch with our client to inform them of any progress we make and to let them see if what we are creating suits their needs and eventually adjust it, so that on the launch date there will be no surprises and everything will work as expected.

Landing Pages

A Landing Page is a web page where users “land” after clicking on a search result or an advertisement. It is the moment when a visitor is persuaded to make a specific action, such as registering to your services, buying your products, and so on.

A good and effective Landing Page has many factors to keep into account, such as design, copywriting, tracking codes and so on; however, if properly developed, it can lead you to significantly increase sales relatively quickly.

A landing page is the best tool you can have to generate leads, which means getting potential buyers. In order to generate leads, a landing page must be carefully studied in each and every part, because it is critical that all the elements are meant to guide the user towards the conversion: a minimum distraction can cost you a sale!

Landing pages are often part of a funnel, so they must be coherent with all other stages in terms of tone of voice and graphic design. A funnel is the journey that converts a lead to a sale. It usually starts with an advertisement, continues on a landing page, and passes through various stages, e.g. an e-mail series, a webinar, more landing pages, and terminates when the customer buys the product (because if they don’t, probably the funnel continues).

Persuasive copywriting is essential on a landing page: the language used, the tone of voice, and the keywords are not random, they are the outcome of an analysis, instead, that defined what the best way is in order to achieve a certain goal.

Marketing impulse factors are also important: scarcity, sense of urgency, fear of loss, and so on, will be your trump cards in order to convert leads, and we know how to use them.

Obviously, in order to get the best results with your landing page, we implement monitoring systems to analyse the users’ behaviour and adjust the page with more effective tweaks. Also, they are your measuring tool, so thanks to them, you will know if your strategy is working or not.

How much does it cost?

Giving an exact price to Web Design & Web Development services is very difficult for a professional agency, especially if it’s about bespoke services tailored just for specific customers and never seen anywhere else.

Designing and developing a website is a task that could be achieved for as low as £500 for something that is very basic and essential, just so that you can have a starting presence to improve over time, and it can easily reach £15000-£20000 for bespoke solutions with an almost-guaranteed high conversion and engagement rate or custom functions.

The point is: don’t be afraid to ask for a quotation, especially from Wiredmark, because only an experienced team will be able to suggest you what is the best and most cost-effective way to achieve what you want and help you understand what is the best process to undertake to develop your idea.

Our quotations are free of charge and include a preliminary, free consultation session with an experienced member of our team that will assist you in understanding if Wiredmark can be the right company to suit your needs.

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