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5 impulse factors commonly used in landing pages

Impulse factors on landing pages trigger people to buy your product. Here are the most popular: fear of loss, urgency, scarcity, greed, and Jones’ effect.

How to get good reviews online (and why it’s important)

Before buying anything, people look for reviews, get information from them, and makes decisions based on them. The question is: how to get good reviews online?

How to increase conversions of an e-mail form

There are a lot of tools online that allow you to build an e-mail form, but there are quite few tips on how you can increase the conversions of an e-mail form.

5 elements that will make your funnel successful

A funnel is the journey users make from the moment they click on your advertisements until the final purchase. If you optimise your funnel, your sales will surely increase.

Why you should have a Facebook Pixel on your website

Today, I am going to talk about one of the most powerful social media marketing tools: the Facebook Pixel. Improve your strategy now!