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5 impulse factors commonly used in landing pages

Impulse factors on landing pages trigger people to buy your product. Here are the most popular: fear of loss, urgency, scarcity, greed, and Jones’ effect.

Why brand positioning is important for a good naming

How can the brand positioning influence the naming? We examine a case study and then we discuss about the importance of brand positioning for that work.

5 psychology tricks for your ads

What makes a marketing message so powerful? Sometimes science gives us the answer: psychology and marketing have always walked together, and we can’t deny that many brands use it to their advantage.

How to make good storytelling

In marketing, storytelling can be part of a strategy, in which a brand tries to transform their mission in a more customer-oriented format.

Copywriting services: how they boost your online business

If your calls to action are too weak and the content of your blog posts is not useful for your target, you might need to include some copywriting services in your optimisations list.

Benefits of internal links on a blog

Your priority is still to write useful content, but you cannot forget about the main goal of a blog post: convince your reader to read the next one. And then another one, and another, and another.