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Increase your productivity with Slack

How do we communicate with our remote team? We use Slack, a web application that is more than a mere instant messaging platform. Let’s find out its features.

How to use Facebook Business Manager

The Facebook Business Manager is a powerful tool: it can help businesses to manage a lot of things and accomplish many kinds of activities, let’s see what we can do.

5 myths about going online with your business

Building an online presence for your business should be a no-brainer, because it brings so many pros and so little cons that there is no reason why you should still hesitate.

How to manage a crisis on social media

You are always careful to what you post on social media, and if something goes wrong, your reputation does too. That’s when you learn how to manage a crisis on social media.

Get things done with Flow Task Management!

Daily activities, sub-activities of activities and long term projects. Simply keeping track of what we had done and what we still have to do to complete a work, is all we need. So, here is Flow Task Management!