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5 myths about going online with your business

Building an online presence for your business should be a no-brainer, because it brings so many pros and so little cons that there is no reason why you should still hesitate.

3 SEO tips for small businesses

Being visible online is critical: it makes no sense building a good website if nobody finds you, because you are obviously investing money and building a reputation for your brand for one reason: get a return on your investment.

10 things that make your website design professional

We often say if you allocate a low budget, well, you should raise it. Although it is the ideal course of action to take, it is not always materially possible. However, cheap website design platforms can do more harm than good.

Need a digital agency in Birmingham? 5 things to ask before hiring

Every business needs to communicate on digital media: traditional advertising is slowly dying, and people spend most of their time on the internet and social networks. Everybody knows a good brand reputation online is essential.

Web design agency Birmingham: why go local?

Before being digital professionals, here at Wiredmark we are tech entusiasts. We love our job, we love connecting with other people, and we love working with people and businesses.