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Having a good website is the first step, the second is making it visible through SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Everybody knows how to use a search engine on the internet: you just type your query and press Enter, and there you go: thousands of websites plenty of information at your disposal and sorted by relevance. However, we also know that nobody would ever check every single result. Actually, people only search among the first ten.

Unless you invest a lot of money on advertising, your website needs to be among those results, therefore, you need to optimise it for search engines. This means that every single part of the website must be compliant with the rules that search engines themselves establish, and at the same time they still have to be user-friendly. It might sound like a hard challenge, but with our skills and knowledge, you won’t be invisible for long!

Our Search Engine Optimisation Company can optimise your website for search engines!

What can SEO involve?

Here's what our Search Engine Optimisation Company will do for you

SEO Audit

We conduct a deep analysis of your website in order to highlight its ins and outs and focus our attention on the appropriate areas.


Not all data are visible to us, but search engines do read them, so you have to optimise your website even under the bonnet.


The faster your website, the higher your position on search engines. We will tweak and improve your website’s loading speed.


A clean code makes the job easier for search engine crawlers, which will better understand and register the content of your website.


Your visitors may land on your website from any device, and search engines give priority to websited optimised for all of them.


Imagine your website as a tree, where each branch is a page. A sitemap gives a list of all branches to search engines.

Tracking & Monitoring

Analyse where your users come from and what they do on your website, to evolve your strategy over time and get better results.


SEO is not entirely up to you: the backlinks you receive from other websites are important too. Get hi-quality backlinks.

Error Correction

Errors on your website compromise your score and your SEO. We will find and correct them all. Say goodbye to penalties.

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About our Search Engine Optimisation Company

What is it about?

Search Engine Optimisation is the very least you can do if you want to increase your traffic on your website. You might be lucky and have a website that does not need any optimisation, but it is very rare. And it doesn’t last for long, anyway. But don’t worry, there are two things we can do as a Search Engine Optimisation Company to improve your website’s SEO righ away:

SEO audit

A SEO audit is probably the first thing we will do when a client demands an optimisation of their website. With a SEO audit, we will examine all the fundamental aspects that make a website appealing for Google and other search engines.

We will analyse:

  • Internal links: we will check all the internal links to make sure none of them is broken, as they are very harmful for your website: search engines do not like 404 pages;
  • Breadcrumbs: this is very useful for both users and crawlers, as they make navigation across your website easy;
  • Headlines: did you know that headlines have a hierarchy that must be respected? We will check you have all the Hs in place;
  • Meta-tags: the page title and the description make your snippet up, so you should ensure all relevant keywords are included;
  • Code review: we will check if the code is clean and if crawlers can easily read it;
  • Loading speed: if your website loads fast, your website has good chances of ranking high, as this is one of the most important aspects;
  • Images: they should be optimised too. Their alt attribute and their size are very important;
  • URLs: links are important in many ways. Are they too long? Do they include the main keyword? We’ll check that;
  • Loops: a page redirects to another, which redirects to another, and again, again, and again. Search engines don’t like it, but we can fix it;
  • Backlinks: are other websites linking yours? Are these websites not malicious?
  • Sitemap: a sitemap make the journey on your website easier and makes sure crawlers do not miss any content;
  • Robots: are there any pages excluded in the robots file? Why? We will have a look.

On top of these things, we will also give some tips to improve your SEO based on the SEO audit.

Google optimisation

Google is the most important search engine in the world, because it’s the most used and the richest in results. On the other hand, it is also the most sophisticated, and websited have a lot of work to do in order to be optimised for its SERP.

Basically, Google rules the whole internet. Well, its prescriptions and suggestions are not mandatory: you are free not to abide by its terms, but you will be invisible, and, for the things we said, being invisible is not convenient for your business.

However, Google has got some guidelines accessible to everyone, so that all the website owners can adjust all the parametres they need to be indexed in Google’s directory.

Does this mean everyone can do their own SEO alone?

In a certain way, yes. However, Google doesn’t say anything about how to do all the things it recommends, and that is when the help of a professional becomes necessary.

Moreover, Google’s algorithm changes by the day, so what you do today, might be obsolete tomorrow. If you have a professional following you, they might tell you and adjust these things for you. Would you be able to do that every day?

Let us help you with that. There is always a way to improve your position.

How much does it cost?

Every client has a different story, a different website, and obviously different needs, so it is very hard to tell a precise fare to pay for this kind of work.

A SEO audit can be quite simple if the website has only a few pages, but if it’s more complex, like an e-commerce, things get more difficult.

Usually the price of a SEO audit is ranged between £500 and £2,000.

Also, if you want us to follow your progress day by day. doing everything is necessary to keep your website optimised, you’ll be asked to pay a small monthly fee. It all depends on your website and the resources it needs.

If you are interested, we can give you a free quotation for our SEO services!

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