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Copywriting is the art of shaping ideas into words. It allows businesses to increase sales and be recognised with creativity and quality content.

You know that having an online presence, nowadays, is essential for any company or professional. However, even though you have a website, a blog, and some dedicated social media channels, you haven’t achieved any valuable result.

In many cases, the problem lies in the content. I’m sure you did your best, because you are the one who knows your business better than anyone else, but on the internet everything is different: there are many techniques and rules, written and unwritten, that a copywriter knows very well.

On the internet, content is king. Copywriters make kings.

What can Copywriting involve?

Corporate Blog

The creation and optimisation of your blog content is essential for a good SEO and adds value both to your business and your visitors.

Editorial Calendar

A powerful tool that empowers you with the choice of what and when you publish. Good for blogs, newsletters, and social media.

Website Contents

We can use persuasive copywriting tecniques for your website or landing page according to your digital strategy.

Tone of Voice

The way you communicate to your audience must be clear and coherent throughout all your channels. We help you define it.

Reason why

An advertisement is good when is supported by a good rational argument. Ogilvy said: «the consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife».


We analyse the profile of your potential buyers, in order to prepare a copy strategy that will surely hit the nail on the head.

Above the Line

For ATL, like advertising, it’s critical that you reach the right people, and a copywriter can craft a compelling message.

Below the Line

We can craft content for BTL materials, such as flyers, brochures, or leaflets, because they are still part of your branding.


We’ll study the right name for your brand or your product. We’ll make sure it will impress people so much that they’ll remember it.

A few more details

What is it about?

Copywriting involves almost all areas of digital marketing: wherever there is a message to give, there is a copy to write, and that is where we come into play.

However, we wanted to highlight the most popular copywriting services clients commission us:

Persuasive copywriting

It is easy to give your brand a space online, but it is hard to make people choose it. That is because a good-looking website is not enough. We saw outstanding products and brilliant ideas fail on the internet because of bad communication (or the total lack of it), and when it comes to online communication, content is very important.

Images can already tell a lot, but words are the most powerful tool we have. With words we can express your values in a language that your target can easily understand.

In fact, the first rule for a persuasive content is studying the target and use the language they would use, in order to establish a certain empathy, and this actually is the first step we take when crafting persuasive content for your website or any other internet platform you advertise your brand on.

The second step is about finding the right words, and in order to do so, we need to understand what the real needs of your target are: everyone visits a website for a reason, and those who come with the intent of buying (transactional searches), always have a problem they want to solve. Once we know what this problem is, all we have to do is explain how you or your product could help, which means highlighting its benefits.

The third step is making your brand different from your competitors. Every brand has got something unique, they only need a copywriter that can express it best. We will put ourselves in your brand’s shoes, and we will do a work of storytelling in order to depict your company like you always wanted, but you just couldn’t find the words.

E-mail marketing

E-mails are one of the oldest communication methods on the web, but even nowadays, they are still used by the vast majority of internet users, mainly because without an e-mail address you cannot register to online services such as Facebook, Amazon, and many others that people use every day, but also because it is still a secure and reliable way to communicate. Marketers know that, and also know how relatively easy is sending automated e-mails, and results say they are right. 74% of marketers who work in B2B say e-mail marketing is still the key to the success of their campaigns

The main reason why e-mail marketing works is that it allows brands to establish a close connection with their audience, which can become buyers with the appropriate incentives.

Obviously, the role of the copywriter is fundamental in crafting compelling e-mail content. The most popular kinds of e-mail content asked by our clients are:

  • Cold e-mails: the first impression is important, both offline and online. A cold e-mail is the best method to introduce your brand and your offer to someone who still hasn’t heard of your organisation, if directed to the right people, they can be a powerful tool for quick conversions. A cold e-mail should present your products as the best solution your potential customer is looking for their problem. In order to do so, you need to understand their needs based on their buyer persona profile. Also, you want to make sure they actually open and read your e-mail instead of just binning it. That’s why you need a copywriter.
  • DEM campaigns: you know you are talking to an audience that already accepted to give you their e-mail address in exchange of fantastic deals delivered straight to their inbox. The advantage is that you already know your product might be of their interest. You only have to persuade them that you are the best, and that’s when a copywriter comes into play. We will study your strength and make sure they match with your audience’s needs.
  • Funnel e-mail series: funnels are a great thing. You can generate a complex route in which the leads you acquire are guided step by step, e-mail by e-mail, towards the final purchase. In a crescendo of hype (and why not, some valuable freebies), your customers will read every single line of your e-mails and will inevitably buy the ultimate product that will solve all their issues. But only if a copywriter had written a good follow-up series.
Headline & Slogan

Some people say a good tagline should be five to eight words long. Is it true? Some agree, some don’t. The truth is that every case is unique, and what works for some of them, does not work for others.

However, no one can deny that people decide in a very short time: your unique selling proposition has got about seven seconds of lifetime. In those few seconds, you have to grab potential customers’ attention and capture them in your funnel.

When it comes to online advertising, headlines and claims can really make the difference, so you don’t want to get them wrong. That’s why you need a copywriter that makes them right!

Also, you want to make sure people get a clear message of what your company can do for them, and there is no better thing than a well-done slogan to do so. Your company slogan will represent you on the market, people will remember you for that, so that is important too.

Tell us your story, tell us about your company values, about your position on the market, and your vision. We will do the rest.

How much does it cost?

According to your needs, your target, and your strategy we will be able to define a cost.

Others variables include the subject, the media where you will advertise your product or brand on, and the kind of campaign.

A website copy, for example, can cost from as little as £100 to £1,000 or more.

Sales e-mails cost can also vary a lot, in a range from £50 to £500.

This depends on the fact that we strive to make all our clients happy, offering them cost-effective deals, and trying to fit in all budgets, so don’t be afraid of asking a quotation and fill your website with peerless content.

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